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Why We Exist

We exist to level the playing field for producers in the three-tier system and give them a chance to succeed on their terms.

The wine and spirits industry is crowded and competitive. Many producers have the creativity and talent to make outstanding wines and spirits, but the business is particular and sometimes confusing. If they want to keep making incredible products it is important to engage with the market and distributors collaboratively, and most importantly, profitably. There are many expensive mistakes that can be made through distributor and market engagement and Bottleneck Solutions is here to help our clients avoid them. There are also many opportunities that an experienced outside perspective can identify. We understand these opportunities and provide insightful, results-oriented solutions which empower our clients to better control their destiny.

You may not have the budget or draw to attract a competent National Sales Manager. You may have an opportunity to put that salary budget towards better execution in the market. Or you may just be looking to button up your sales processes. If you are a winery or distillery just getting started in the wholesale channel or an established one looking to expand, let us help you navigate this often-complicated industry in order to have a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Why Partner With Us?

·        Optimize labor spend by outsourcing your sales strategy, process, and controls

·        Utilize our 50+ years of industry experience to avoid costly mistakes

·        More control over your business resulting in better outcomes

·        Clear path to success with defined roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities

·        Efficient and consistent processes that reduce miscommunication & cost

·        Increase distributor focus and get better commercial results


Our Approach

Our goal is to offer a service that levels the playing field through smart business planning. The wine and spirits business is very competitive, and distributors are very selective about which products they support. It is important to have a firm grasp on the direction you are going and how you plan to get there. As one Distributor Principal said to us, "I dont have time to train my suppliers." Distributors and accounts rely on producers to add value to their portfolio. Bottleneck Solutions will help you develop a thoughtful plan to show that value.

We start by getting to know your project, your goals and aspirations. We will work with you to find areas of opportunity and growth to help see your vision through. Our aim is to be inquisitive, realistic and solutions oriented. We are passionate about each partner's project. Each will have its unique demands and reasons for being. We want to bring them to the surface, work with them, and be ardent advocates for each client.


"With brand proliferation, a shrinking Distributor population, and a consolidating Retail tier it is becoming increasingly more difficult for smaller/boutique brands to penetrate the US market. Joe and Joel have worked in all three tiers and have amassed great knowledge of what it takes for a brand to establish itself with the Distributor and Retail tier. They are thoughtful, articulate, and very good at distilling down the challenges into bite-sized chunks."

- Mike Holden, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Groth Vineyard & Winery